About Us

Sonia Halliday Photo Library is a unique photo library, established in the 1960s, which specialises in images of European stained glass. We also have extensive cover of religious subjects, archaeological sites, architecture, illuminated manuscripts, mosaics, wall paintings and cave paintings. Historical sites in the UK, Israel and Jordan are also widely covered and resident photographers in both Israel and Jordan can undertake commissions as required.

The library includes extensive material of the stained glass of European cathedrals and churches - Chartres and Canterbury Cathedrals in particular are comprehensively covered. We also have many illuminated Christian and Islamic manuscripts, Byzantine and Roman mosaics and wall paintings, religious and secular architecture and many archeological sites.

Countries we cover include:

We offer our images as high quality scans on a rights managed basis and are constantly adding images to our searchable website for you to explore. If you can't find what you need online, our experienced researchers will be happy to help and will research our archives and scan images for free.

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We specialize in stained glass particularly from Chartres and Canterbury as well as other cathedrals and churches in Europe and the UK. We also have extensive aerial coverage of historic sites in Israel and Jordan. We have material from Afghanistan, Algeria (Tassili cave paintings), China, Cyprus, Ethiopia, France, Greece, India, Italy, Kalahari (Bushmen), Libya, Persia/Iran, Sicily, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and Yemen.