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Flight into Egypt of the Holy Family  by Giotto, 14th century wall painting, Assisi, Italy The sacred pool, in which priests performed their ablutions before carrying out their duties, temple of Amun, Karnak, Egypt Egypt  Feluccas on the Nile at Luxor at sunset Sennedjem and his wife reaping, tomb painting 1200 BC, Thebes, Egypt Rod of Aaron devours the other rods, 19th century painting by James Tissot, Great Britain Egypt goat byre in St Paul
IT46-10-15 EG55B-JW EG56-5-17 EG44-8-17 9A-18-40 EG123-3-17
Egypt, Karnak, general view of temple complex, with obelisks Egypt  Karnak general view of temple complex with obelisks Alabaster Sphinx, 18th dynasty, Memphis, Egypt Egypt, Abu Simbel, Temple of Ramesses II, four seated colossi of Ramesses II on temple facade Potter at wheel in village between Asyut and Cairo, Egypt Stepped pyramid of Djoser, first king of the 3rd dynasty, 2686 BC, built by architect Imhotep at Sakkara, Egypt
EG6001 EG60000 EG86-7-17 EG16-18-18TR EG76-1-17 EG80-1-17
Crossing of the Red Sea, 19th century stained glass, St Albans Cathedral and Abbey Church, Hertfordshire, England, Great Britain Egypt, Dendera, sacred lake seen from the roof of the temple Egypt, Luxor felucca on the Nile at sunset Laden felucca on the river Nile, Egypt Nag Hammadi, sunrise, view across the Nile, Egypt Potter at wheel, village south of Cairo, Egypt
437-6-75 EG21-0-VW EG55-10-17 EG74-5B-17 EG15-6E-17 EG76-8-17
Statue of Ramesses II seated, Abu Simbel, 13th century BC, Egypt Senedjem and his wife Iyneferti after death in the garden of Talu, tomb painting 1200 BC, Thebes, Egypt Senedjem and wife,  with Anubis above, tomb of Senedjem, tomb painting, 13th century BC, Thebes, Egypt Flight into Egypt by Giotto de Bondone, 14th century, Lower Church, San Francesco, Assisi, Italy Flight into Egypt, 15th century wall painting, Church of St Neophytos Monastery, Cyprus Flight into Egypt,16th century wall painting, Bellieu Church, Samakov, Bulgaria
EG112-17TR EG44-2-17 EG45-6-17 IT47-2-12 CY193-2-11 BU9B-4C
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