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Lion Gate, 14th century BC, Mycenae, Greece Christ Pantocrator, 11th century mosaic, Daphni, Greece Parthenon, east front and south side, Acropolis, 5th century BC, Athens, Greece Acropolis, south west side, from left to right, the Propylaea, Temple of Athena Nike and the Erectheum, the Parthenon and Odeum of Herodes Atticus below, Athens, Greece Acropolis, south west side viewed from the monument of Philpappus 114-116 C AD on the Hill of Muses, Athens, Greece Frieze on monument base, 4th century BC, commemorating victory in chariot race in Panathenaic Games, Stoa of Attalus, Athenian Agora, Athens, Greece
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Limona Monastery Byzantine Church, Lesbos, Greece Peribleptos Monastery, east side, ruined 14th century Byzantine city, Mistra, Greece Dionysus, 2nd century mosaic, Corinth, Greece Relief of wheatsheef carved on lintel, symbol of Demeter, 1st century AD, Eleusis, Greece Greece Corinth  the Temple of Apollo Archaic period 6th century BC behind is the Acrocorinth Parthenon, viewed from the west, Athens, Greece
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Tholos of Temple of Sanctuary of Athene Pronaia, 4th century BC, Delphi, Greece Greece Corinth the Diolkos Ancient Road Greece Corinth the Lechaion Road and Acrocorinth Greece Corinth entrance to the Fortress on the Acrocorinth of ancient Corinth Greece Corinth  the Corinth Canal Bull Leap fresco circa 1500 BC (restored), Knossos, Crete, Greece
GR94-5-09 GR148-8-FHC GR148-12-FHC GR149-9-FHC GR148-5-FHC GR649-4FHC
Theatre, built by Polycleitos the Younger, 4th century BC, Epidaurus, Greece Bourzi Tower seen from Venetian Fortress, Methoni, Greece Thessalonica Greece detail of battle scene from Arch of Galerius built 303 AD Greek fire, used by Byzantines against Arabs, 13th century Greek ms Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid Corinth Greece The Corinth Canal Greece Athens The Temple of Hephaistos or Theseion 5th century BC
GR1279-8FHC GR1309-3FHC FHC573-8F 1431-3-27 GR1-1-09 GR1-2-09
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