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Winchester Bible, 12th century illuminated bible, letter H, top half an Egyptian smiting a Hebrew, bottom half Moses slaying the Egyptian, Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, England, Great Britain Flight into Egypt, 19th century stained glass, Church of St Aignan, Chartres, France Sphinx and Pompeys Pillar, near Temple of Serapis, Alexandria, Egypt Temple of Amon, view across the great court, Karnak, Egypt Colossal red granite statue of Ramesses II with his consort Nefertari standing between his knees, Karnak, Egypt Temple with mosque of Abu al-Haggag, top right and obelisk beyond, Luxor, Egypt
235-6-73 FR977-2-34 EG15A-12-02 EG49-2-17 EG30-5-17 EG34-6-17
Two statues of Ramesses II in front of the pylon and entrance to the Luxor temple, Luxor, Egypt Flight into Egypt, 12th century wall painting, Church of St Martin, Zillis, Switzerland Egypt, Thebes, tombs of the Nobles in the cliff face above the village Egypt, pot-well near Qena at sunrise Egypt, laden felucca on the Nile Egypt, Thebes, ruins with the modern village behind
EG6A-15-18BS SW26-8-10 EG60-4-17 EG69-2-17 EG73-1-17 EG200-VW
Egypt, Thebes, line of seated gods Egypt Karnak Temple of Amun view of the two Obelisks from the Hypostyle Hall Egypt Memphis Camel with load of mud bricks Egypt, Wadi el Natrun, Deir el Sourian monastery and two coptic monks at sunset Christ, disciples, apostles and coptic saints, 1973 wall painting by Dr Issak, Coptic monastery of St Bishoi, Wadi el Natrun, Egypt St Bishoi washing feet of Christ and carrying Christ, 1973 wall painting, Coptic monastery of St Bishoi, Wadi el Natrun, Egypt
EG50BS EG51-6-17 EG84-8-16 EG96-9-17 EG97-8-17 EG100-4-17
Egypt Thebes brick kiln being stoked Egypt brick kiln at Thebes Luxor Egypt The Nile Egypt Felucca on the Nile at sunset Egypt The Nile Egypt, Cairo, the Citadel, nineteenth century Mohammed Ali Mosque, ablutions fountain
EG57-3-17 EG57-10-17 EG104-3-TR EG104-13-TR EG104-20-TR EG102-10-TR
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