Stained Glass / Addington

Conversion of Saint Paul, 16-17th century Netherlandish stained glass panel, Addington Church, Buckinghamshire, England, Great Britain Cain slays Abel Netherlandish stained glass panel 16-17th century  St Marys Church Addington Buckinghamshire Cain slaying Abel with the jawbone of an ass, seventeenth century Netherlandish oval,  St Mary Jonah thrown overboard, seventeenth century Netherlandish oval, St Mary Abraham between Sarah and Hagar, sixteenth century Netherlandish panel, St Mary Joseph being put in the pit, centre, Reuben looking into the pit, background, Netherlandish panel, St Mary
668-5-14 572-7-76 572-6-76 573-5-13 668-9-76 669-5-76
Resurrection, Netherlandish enamel-painted panel, 16th or 17th century, Church of St-Mary-the-Virgin, Addington, Buckinghamshire, England