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Syria, small mosque inside the ruined walls at Rakka Assyrian siege ramp and gate house, aerial view, Lachish, Israel Assyrian style officers in procession, relief sculpture, 8th century BC, from Carchemish, now in Ankara Museum, Turkey Egypt, Karnak, Temple of Amun, relief on the 6th pylon, tribes of the south and of Syria which were subjugated by the army Syria, the Bab Baghdad gateway at Rakka Syria,  Euphrates river with limestone cliffs at Dibsi Faraj 60miles south of Aleppo
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Syria, 30 miles north west of Cyrrhus, Roman Bridge over the river Afrin Syria, ruins of Rasafa,  showing the Basilica of St Sergius Syria 30 miles north west of Cyrrhus, Roman bridge with three arches spanning the river Sabun Suyu a tributary of the river Afrin Syria, 12 miles north west of Afrin, Roman bridge spanning the Sabun Suyu a tributary of the river Afrin Syria, Cyrrhus, a ruined Roman arch Syria, Cyrrhus, flight of steps leading to the Acropolis
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Syria, Cyrrhus, hexagonal mausoleum in which  the roof is pyramid shaped topped by a finial of acanthus flowers Syria, north gate of white gypsum stone, one of the main entrances to Rasafa Syria, Apamea, Corinthian columns, 2nd century AD Syria, Qal Syria, crumbling building in the citadel at Qal Syria, Qal
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Syria, Qalaat Semaan, the monastery from the enclosure wall Syria,  Qalaat Semaan, women drawing water near Saint Simeons pillar in the monastery Syria, the River Euphrates Syria, Resafa,  arcade east side of the Basilica of St Sergius Syria,  adobe Beehive village near Aleppo Syria, Rasafa, inside the nave of the Basilica of St Sergius
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