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Nepal Boudhanath Buddhist Stupa New Year Festival Nepal Fakir Nepal Fakir Nepal Traditional dancers Nepal Traditional dancers Nepal Kathmandu Ajam House Buddist Shrine
N8A-32-17JT N8A-33-17JT N8A-34-17JT N9A-13-17JT N9A-19-17JT N25-11-17JT
Nepal Kathmandu Durbar Square Winged Garuda statue 1794 Nepal Kathmandu Shiva Parvati Temple left built in 1790 and the Royal Palace Nepal Kathmandu Swayambhunath Buddhist Stupa Nepal Kathmandu Swayambhunath Buddhist Stupa Nepal, Hindu Yogi standing on his head Nepal, Kathmandu street market
N25-12-17JT N25-17-17JT N27-12-17JT N27A-10-17JT N21-7-17JT N38-10-17JT
Nepal, Annapurna south and India Macchapuchare Annapurna Nepal, Pokhara, Annapurna south Macchapuchare Nepal, Pokhara, Annapurna south and Macchapuchare Annapurna Nepal, paddy fields on edge of Lake Pokhara Annapurna south and Macchapuchare View of houses and hills from stupa, Boudhanath, Nepal Hindu holy man, Kathmandu, Nepal
N54-3-18JT N54-4-16JT N54-5-18JT N54-7-18JT N26-1-17JT N25A-30-17JT
Street market, Kathmandu, Nepal Akash Bhairav temple, Kathmandu, Nepal Undulating hills between Kathmandu and Nagarkot, Nepal Curd seller in front of sixteenth century Kasthamandap Temple, after which Kathmandu is named, Maru, Kathmandu, Nepal Temple in Boudhanath, Nepal Tibetan Buddhist priest in front of Tibetan Buddhist shrine, Boudhanath, Nepal
N38-10JT N41-9-17JT N34-8-18JT N25A-7-17JT N1-5-17JT N1-9-17JT
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