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Greece Corinth  Fountain of Peirene which dates from the 6th century BC Greece Athens temple of Athena Nike Greece Athens the Acropolis Greece Epidaurus Snake Pit within foundations of the Tholos Sanctuary Greece Epidaurus the Theatre built by Polycleitos the younger in the 4th century BC Greece Athens Acropolis Erechtheion, Temple of Athena
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Greece Athens Acropolis Erechtheion, Temple of Athena Greece Athens Acropolis the Erechtheion 409-406 BC Greece Delphi Athletes Cleobis and  Biton 6th century BC Greece Delphi winged Sphinx 6th century BC Greece Delphi Museum the Omphalos or the Navel of the World 4th century BC Greece Olympia  the Stadium
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Greece Athens the Acropolis from the Areopagus,  a hill sacred to Ares, St Paul preached here Greece Kavalla part of Roman aqueduct Greece Corinth paved road with Acrocorinth in the background Greece Crete sacred double-headed axes, Heraklion Museum Greece Crete Bull rhyton, Heraklion Museum Greece Crete Phaestos Disc, Heraklion Museum 2nd millenium BC
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Greece Crete Minoan jar, Heraklion Museum Greece Athens Parthenon Frieze, Acropolis Museum, the gods Poseidon, Apollo and Artemis Greece Athens detail from Panathenaic procession, Parthenon frieze, Acropolis Museum Greece Athens Acropolis detail of the Erechtheum Caryatid Porch south Greece Athens Acropolis Museum Attic Kore 6th century BC Greece Athens Detail of Panathenaic Procession, Acropolis Museum
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