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Afghanistan, Herat, Friday Mosque entrance and minaret Afghanistan, Herat, Friday Mosque Afghanistan, Herat, the Fort Afghanistan, Herat, men by the river Afghanistan, Herat, children in the street Afghanistan, Herat, man with child outside shop
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Afghanistan, Kandahar, nomad tents and village walls as Marco Polo might have seen them Afghanistan, watering camels on route between Kandahar and Ghazni Afghanistan, Hindu Kush road to Bamiyan, the autumn migration of the nomadic Kuchi tribespeople Afghanistan, Hindu Kush, autumn migration of the nomadic Kuchi Afghanistan, Bamiyan valley and Big Budda destroyed by Taliban soldiers in 2001 Afghanistan, Hindu Kush near Bamiyan
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Afghanistan, Hindu Kush watch tower Afghanistan, Band-I Amir, Hindu Kush Afghanistan, Hindu Kush at Band-I-Amir, travellers on horseback in valley pass Afghanistan, Hindu Kush, ravine near the Red City Afghanistan, pass in the Hindu Kush, Shibar Pass, camel train Afghanistan, Khyber Pass
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Afghanistan, Herat, general street scene Afghanistan, Kunar Valley, Kuchi nomads on their way to Nuristan Afghanistan, Kunar Valley, ferry over the river Afghanistan, Bamiyan,  Great Buddha destroyed by Taliban soldiers in 2001 Afghanistan, on the road to Band-I-Amir  
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